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Buy Ambien Sleeping Pill - Generic Zolpidem Online

Buy Ambien Sleeping Pill - Generic Zolpidem Online

Generic Zolpidem - Ambien Sleeping Pill 12.5mg

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Brief Overview About Ambian 12.5mg (Sleeping Pill)

Ambien is best drug used in the treatment of insomnia and sleep initiation problem. It contains active pharmaceutical ingredient Zolpidem

Ambien is GABAA receptor agonist, which is responsible to cause sedation. Ambien bind with α 1 subunit of GABAA receptor and stimulate the action of chorine channel. This mechanism is unique to start quick asleep and maintain sleeping cycle.

Good safety and efficacy profile in the patient to cause asleep, has a unique characteristic of Ambien Pill has advantage over other hypnotics, this make Stilnoct first line drug in the management of insomnia.

Dose and directions of Ambian Pill

Start the lowest possible dose of Ambien just before going to asleep. Take Ambian tablet orally. Do not exceed the dose of Ambien more than 10mg a day otherwise you may feel drowsiness. Dose of Ambien may be varied in men and women. Do not take this drug for longer than 3 to 4 weeks because, it has tendency to cause drug abuse.

Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill is taken only just before fall in asleep, so there is no chance of missing dose, do not take Ambian tablet when you do not want to asleep.

Overdose of this should be avoided because it may because it may cause drowsiness.

Drug Intercation With Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill (Generic Zolpidem)

Some Drugs may interact with Ambien Pill and change their pharmacokinetic parameters such Chlorpromazine, Fluconazole, Imipramine, Itraconazole, Ketoconazole, Rifampicin, and Ritonavir. Ambien may interact with Cimetidine and prolong its hypnotic effect.

Contraindication of Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill (Generic Zolpidem)

Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill is contraindicated in person having breathing difficulties or slow shallow breathing. Do not use this drug if you have disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Ambien is also contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Ambian Pill should not give to the patient having problem of liver disorder.

Storage Conditions of Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill (Generic Zolpidem)

Temperature for the storage of Stilnoct should be from 150to 300.Keep the drug at cool and dry place. This drug should be protected from children and pets. Protect Ambien from light heat and moisture.

Side Effects of Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill (Generic Zolpidem)

Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill may cause some side effects such as Headache, dizziness, Nightmares, hallucination, agitation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

These side effects are temporary in nature and patient can get rid from these effects once the treatment gets completed.

Precaution While Taking Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill (Generic Zolpidem)

Few precautionary steps should be taken before and during this drug therapy, that includes;

Avoid the drug in patient suffering from psychiatric disorder and depression. Do not take Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill if you have history of breathing disorder. Ambien pill is drug that cause drug abuse so does not use this medicine after the treatment is over. Do not withdraw Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill suddenly because it may cause withdrawal symptoms. Do not take Ambien pill for middle of the night insomnia. Ambien pill contain lactose, which is not good for the person having hereditary problem of glucose. It should not give to children. Do not use Ambian 12.5mg Sleeping Pill after its expiry date. Avoid the work that involves mental concentration such as driving cars and bikes, and working with machinery equipment because it may cause dizziness.

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Ambien Sleeping Pill Review by Joan Gee Cee
Very nice Medicine, I have used it... (Posted on 9/7/16)
Ambien... Review by Jonson
Nice One... (Posted on 7/28/16)

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