Eyelashes have a significant role in protecting eyes from dust particles, infections and other unwanted that may harm the eye. But, apart from these eyelashes also plays an important role as a framework for females. As per the females, long, thick, and dark eyelashes make their look attractive and beautiful so that most of the females wish the long lashes. Therefore, they have a keen interest and concern towards eye makes and also keep eyelashes with lots of care as it is the primary thing that promotes the beauty of the overall face.

Unfortunately, not every female are fortunate to have long thick and dark eyelashes so these females used to apply mascara, fake eyelashes, and Kajal to make eyelashes beautiful. These are time taken method and temporary that is not a good solution. Fortunately, females can obtain long, thick and dark eyelashes naturally with the assistance of medicine called as Latisse.

The Latisse Eye Drops Generic Bimatoprost for Eyelashes is a prominent medicine highly recommended for the management of Hypotrichosis condition of eyelashes (lack of eyelashes).

The Latisse eye drop is usually coming in the 0.03% of Bimatoprost as an ophthalmic preparation so that this should be used on eyelashes. Ahead of application, this is recommended to wash your hand and face to remove contamination and also remove specs and lances if using. It is made up of generic Bimatoprost as the main active ingredient has a place in the family of medicine called a prostaglandin.

It executes a therapeutic action by extending the anagen phase of eyelashes and minimizing the telogen period of eyelashes, together this effect causes the strengthening of smaller eyelashes and provides them curly or darker look.

A thin applicator is given on the pack so take it and apply and instill one to two drop on the fine brush. Apply for the medicine from the base of upper eyelashes once daily preferably at night.

For better result, this is recommended to use the medicine for about 8 to 12 weeks. Apply for the medicine as recommended by the doctor and never use more than advised dose.

However, some common unwanted effects may be seen in some patients like swelling of the eyelid, watery eyes, the color change of eyeball, eye itching and pain in eyes, redness of eyes, dizziness, and drowsiness.    

As a precaution, the consumer should not apply for the medicine if allergic to any component or any similar products and food substances.

  • Never use the medicine if you have cuts, inflammation, irritation, wounds in the eye and inform the doctor if you are suffering from any medical disorders like eczema etc.
  • This is advised to consult the doctor ahead of application if you are pregnant and a breastfeeding lady.
  • After using the medicine prevent driving or operating any machinery until you see clearly and don’t consume alcohol along with this medicine.

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