Eyelashes may seem to be a very tiny detail on a woman's face but the number of wonders it can do to your looks is incomparable. For many women having longer and thicker lashes is the sign of ultimate beauty. History has proved that some of the most gorgeous women on the face of mankind had lush and long lashes by their side. However, what about those women who are born with very thin and short eyelashes? This condition of having short and thin eyelashes also referred to as hypotrichosis is basically a congenital disorder that affects a lot of people worldwide. Even using mascaras, false eyelashes and even going for eyelash extension is not much of a help and therefore brings frustration in women. therefore to take off that irritation and sadness that short eyelashes bring with them, we have a miraculous solution called LATISSE EYE DROPS that will magically grow your lashes.

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The Latisse eye drop is a magnificent solution that is pharmaceutically designed to treat the condition of hypotrichosis in adults. This medication is quite useful for making your short and sparse lashes thick and long. This medication, therefore, makes them appear not only longer and thicker but quite gorgeous to look at. This medication besides treating hypotrichosis is capable enough to treat open-angle glaucoma in adults. Bimatoprost is the main moiety responsible for the lash enhancing a property of this medication. Bimatoprost shows its effect in hypotrichosis by arresting the hair cell growth at the anagen phase of the hair cell cycle and shortening the telogen phase that causes the lengthening and increases the volume of the lashes. This makes your lashes more attractive and appealing.

Latisse eye drops are available in the strength of 0.03%w/v. To make your lashes thick and long, firstly ensure that your hands are clean and dry. After this, you need to put a single drop of this medication onto an applicator brush provided along with the medication and apply it on your upper eyelid nearer to your lash line. This procedure should be repeated in the other eye and close your eyes for 15 seconds. Do not allow this medication to enter your mouth. In the case of contact, rinse with a plenty of water.

Some of the common adverse effects of using Latisse eye drops are burning and itching in the eyes, redness of the eyes, stinging in the eyes, excessive watering of the eyes, and a gritty feeling in the eye.

Precautionary measures are taken with the use of Latisse eye drops

  • Using any other eye drops concomitantly along with this medication is inadvisable
  • Never go out in the sun without using sunglasses as it may cause irritation.
  • You should first remove the contact lenses and reinsert them only after 20 minutes after using this medication.
  • This medication should not be used by pregnant women, lactating mothers, children and elderly patients.
  • Anyone who is below 18 years of age should never use from this medication.
  • Store this medication in a dark place away from the reach of children and pets.

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