Infertility causes a bad state of mind. From your adulthood, you dream of a happy life which means you dream of a nice husband, a nice house, and your children. This dream lives within you until the time to manifest it comes. When the time to get married comes, your one dream gets fulfilled. When the time to have children comes and you are unable to put that dream into action, it makes you depressed.

You have been living through this dream of motherhood for quite long time. You have seen parents loving their children. You have seen mothers carrying their babies. These things have made you also to create your own one. There comes a moment of sadness when you come to know about your infertility state.

Infertility problem renders a person to enjoy the motherhood stage. Women can no longer be able to have their own kids. They could not play and enjoy the special moments along with their children. It is dreadful to imagine a life without any child. To regulate your fertility, begin using Pregnyl.

Generic HCG Pregnyl 5000 IU 10000 IU Real Injections helps in regulating your ovulation that increases the chances of conceiving. You need not to become sad.

Some Common advantages of Pregnyl are as:

  • This triggers the release of more testosterone hormone.
  • This causes the delay in male growth pattern.
  • This elevates the chances conception among women.

Active Part of Pregnyl: This has important component as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

There is adherence with LHCG receptor that are present inside an ovary. This causes the trigger in the corpus luteum at the initial of the pregnancy. By this way, there happens the production of progesterone hormone that causes the regulation of your pregnancy at the first trimester.

Dosing Pattern to boost an ovulation process among women: Do begin an Injection of strength about 5000 to 10000 IU only one day followed by last day of menotropins via IM route.

Some points that are to be contraindicated while using this medicine:

Never ever inject:

In conditions such as any problem related to Androgen tumors, Ovarian cysts, Genital bleeding, Brain lesions, Active blood clots, Allergic reaction, or among cases of early puberty or in case age is below 4 years.

Points that have to be always remembered and followed as safety point of view:

  • Do always use sterile needles and throw after each injection.
  • Brief your doctor about PCOS, Uterine bleeding, and Asthma.
  • Do not inject by yourself when you do not know of self-injection.

Harmful issues you may observe with Pregnyl are as pain, nausea, restlessness, weight gain, abnormal breast development, fatigue, irritation at the site of injection, the onset of puberty, bruising, redness at the site of injection, and breast tenderness.

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