It is as per a study that 11% of reproductive age couple in the United States find problems in conceiving and sustaining your pregnancy. Some of them are because of fertility issue in the female, some due to issue in male, and some due to the unexplained cause. When it takes longer than normal for becoming pregnant then you should consider your problem seriously. Ignoring your infertility issue and having no treatments will only result in worsening of the condition.

Pregnyl seems to bring hope when you are in your infertility turmoil. Infertility is the hardest truth that a woman suffers from. No one would have thought that creating a new life inside the womb would become so difficult and challenging. If lack of anovulation is the cause then correct it earlier with real HCG Pregnyl 5000 IU 10000 IU injection. That injection help in regulating your ovulation cycle and increases the possibility of pregnancy.

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Several cases of infertile women have come on this site and after they were suggested Pregnyl, almost everyone had a baby within a few months duration. Longer you wait fruitful the results will be.       

Pregnyl brand has an active chief component as…………Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

This brand of medicine has strengths that are as……………5000 IU and 10,000 IU.

This injectable preparation is classified under the class of…………….gonadotropins.

Purpose and Benefits of this injectable preparation Pregnyl:

This hormonal preparation works in regulating an ovulation process for improving the chances of fertility. There are females who have lack of ovulation or irregular ovulation that results in fewer chances of becoming pregnant. This hormonal preparation supports the normal development of an egg inside an ovary and finally stimulates it to get released. This also works in improving sperm count in men and is used in young boys in whom testicles have not yet dropped inside the scrotum.

The mechanistic approach through which this injection works in bringing fertility:

HCG when specifically attaches with LHCG receptor that is inside an ovary helps in maintaining corpus luteum at the initial of pregnancy. This helps in releasing of progesterone hormone and ensures proper nutrition supply towards the fetus and enriches its growth and development. 

Dosing of this injectable preparation:

Start injecting 5000-10,000 units through an intramuscular route that too one day followed after last day of menotropins.

Contradictory factors and safety instructions to be followed while using this injection:

  • Never have this medicine while having any sort of sensitive reaction with this.
  • Never have this medicine while suffering from hormone-related cancer or having early puberty.
  • One should not self-inject when does not know completely about the injection.
  • Throw the used needles and dispose of them after every usage.
  • Always use sterile needles and wash your hands before and after injection.
  • Never do use it in larger or longer than recommended by your doctor.

Less serious aftermaths you may observe probably are as mild swelling, water weight gain, headache, restless feeling, depression, breast tenderness, pain/swelling/irritation at injection site. When any sign of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is seen such as shortness of breath, weight water gain, diarrhea, pelvic pain, less urination than normal, and swelling of hands or legs.

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