Same as our eyebrows, tiny hairy features over our lids protect us from sweat, dirt, and dust. Those also have a growth cycle. 90% of your eyelashes are in the active growth stage. There is a variation in your lashes. Some grow bigger, some smaller, and some very small. Long, thicker, and dark eyelashes give your eyes a pretty look. We use different styling products for making our eyelashes beautiful. Those having smaller eyelash spend huge money in beautifying their lashes but maximum times, it is like a waste of money.

Rather than spending hugely on eye products, better is to buy Latisse eye drops Generic Bimatoprost for Eyelashes. Those eye drops works surprisingly over your lashes and keeps them supple and thicker. It takes few weeks and you will notice the growth of your eyelashes.

Who does not want to have pretty eyelash, all do. Just try this product and see the change. You will glow wherever you go in meetings or in the party. Your eyes would gain the attention.   

LATISSE EYE SOLUTION: Bimatoprost solution

Those eye drops are the FDA approved one for bouncy and thick eyelashes. This helps in growing out your eyelashes that are small or inadequate. This has strengths as 0.03%. Our eyelash has a cycle anagen, catagen, and telogen phase.

This eye solution works out in anagen phase and thereby triggers speedy eyelash growth. You will see the results soon in about 6-12 week time. After you apply this eye solution, you will observe an improvement in your eyelash growth.

Take small eye drop over an applicator tip and then start applying it slowly over the upper eyelash. You have to keep your eye closed for some time so that solution is applied towards lower lashes. In case of excess of solution, wipe that with tissue paper.


Dosing Frequency: Apply this eye solution, once within a day only at night time.

What to do if the dose is missed: When you skip your dosage and then apply as soon you remember. If next dose nearby then starts from that day only.

Contradict this eye solution if you are allergic to its ingredients or if you have inflammation or injury.

Some Safety Things That Has To Be Kept In Mind And Followed:

  • Keep your hands always clean before and after you use those eye drops.
  • Do not touch the applicator tip of bottle tip as this causes contamination.
  • Contact lens should be removed prior to use of those eye solution and one can insert them back after 15 minutes.
  • If you have to use any other eye drops then maintain at least 5 minutes in between two different dosages.

Some common forms of side issues that can occur are as irritation of an eye, dry eyes, burning of eyes, feeling of something in eyes, and an allergic reaction.

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