When it comes to the use of eyelashes, for males it is useful for preventing dust and foreign particles but for a woman, it is the part of the body that makes them look more beautiful and attractive. Stunning eye draws the attention of everyone and girls do take advantages of their eyelashes to get their crush attracted towards them. Some women do not get that much lucky to get desired eyelashes naturally thereafter they use external sources to make their eyelashes look denser and darker. External sources include mascara, eye extensions or fake eyelashes.

They do make her look beautiful but only for a limited duration and sometimes may even get away making them feel awkward. For this condition, we have bought up for you an ophthalmic solution to help you out to get desired eyelashes naturally and it comes under the marketed name of Latisse Eye Drops.

Latisse Eye Drops Generic Bimatoprost are gaining advantages over other ophthalmic solution in regards to treating hypotrichosis i.e. the condition of short eyelashes. This cosmetic product is famous and extensively used for growing longer and thicker eyelashes. Along with the use in eyelash condition, this medicine also supports in the management of open-angle glaucoma condition.

Bimatoprost is a synthetic multifaceted compound containing one of the important natural prostaglandins. For making eyelashes larger it is supposed to expand the anagen phase of eyelashes and diminish the telogen phase of eyelashes. These both effects cause the expansion of shorter eyelashes and give them crimped or darker look. In the condition of open-angle glaucoma, this medicine works onto the lowering of ocular pressure and reducing the fluid pressure onto the eye.

The composition of Bimatoprost in eye drop is 0.03% w/v that is to be used with the proper medicating procedure described below.

  • Firstly wash your face properly with mild face wash to remove eye makeup and also remove your lenses if inserted.
  • Put a drop of medicine in the cap and then dip a fine eyeliner brush into the cap containing the solution.
  • Immediately draw a fine line along the base upper eyelid margin in order of inner to the outer part.
  • Repeat the same for the second eye and keep your eyes closed for about 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Wait for 15 minutes to re-insert contact lenses.

*For open glaucoma condition, the prescribed dose is one single drop to be instilled once in a day into the infected eye at night time.

Precautions with use of Latisse eye drops:

  • Do not drink any alcoholic drink while relying on Latisse eye drops.
  • Do not make use of this preparation in case you feel any hypersensitive reaction to any part of the medicine.
  • This medicine is not safe to be used in the person below the age of 18 years.
  • A pregnant woman and breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctor before using this medicine.  
  • Do not get involved in any concentration requiring tasks soon after the use of this medicine.

Unwanted side issues with the use of Latisse eye drops:

The person using Latisse eye drop may get some side issues like dizziness, drowsiness, blurring of vision, burning sensation in eye, feeling of grittiness in eyes, feeling of something in the eye, redness, or swelling.

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