A woman who meets unwanted or unscheduled pregnancy generally used to get scared or perplexed when she know that she even cannot imagine giving birth to a child because of any reason such as economic restraint,  being a single parent etc. In such circumstances, the only way that can drive out here from the anguish of undesired gestation is an abortion but the society or her own family members constrain her to avert abortion and to continue with her pregnancy by naming it as a blessing whereas abortion procedure as an act just equal to cruelty or crime.

Because of such disastrous myth, society avoids the fact that when a woman says that she does not want to continue a pregnancy then she truly needs to be listed as an unwanted pregnancy carries not only harmful effects on the physical and psychological state of the mother but one of the upcoming child as well.

In such circumstances, the secure medical method of abortion assists women to expel out her undesired pregnancy at the liberty of her place just by devouring Abortion Pill Kit of Generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Abortion Pills are made up of either generic Mifepristone (in the dose strength of 200mg) or Misoprostol (in the dose strength of 200mcg) or a combination of both.

You can also attain Abortion Pills by the brand names such as Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Korlym, RU486 (comprising of generic Mifepristone) used for abolishing a gestation of fewer than 49 days.

Cytotec (comprising of generic Misoprostol) used for abolishing a gestation of fewer than 7 weeks.

MTP Kit (comprised of both Mifepristone and Misoprostol) used for abolishing a gestation of fewer than 9 weeks.

Mifepristone declines the action of progesterone hormone in the female body that correspondingly shut down the supply of nutrients, oxygen, and blood to the growing fetus. This blocks the fetal development and leads it to die.  Second active module Misoprostol elicits forceful tightening of the endometrial wall that clears away the dead fetus, placenta, and embryo out of the mother's womb in a gentle manner.

While going with brands Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Korlym, RU486 of abortion pills- woman are directed to engulf three pills of Mifepristone on an empty stomach. After waiting for a couple of days, she has to meet gynecologist for verification of abortion. If reports mentioned an unsuccessful abortion, then two pills of Misoprostol needs to taken vaginally or orally and again after waiting for a pair of days, women need to visit the nearby the clinic for ultrasound examination.

While going with brand Cytotec- a woman is counseled to take 12 pills of Misoprostol. These pills have to be taken in the group of four pills through vaginal or oral route while sustaining a time lapse of 5 hours. A complete abortion has to be verified after two days of pills consumption.

While going with brand MTP Kit-woman is prescribed to devour solo pill of Mifepristone by mouth without having food on day 1. On day 3, four pills of Misoprostol are suggested to be taken as an individual dose either via the vaginal or oral route. After arriving at the 14nth day, a woman needs to have ultrasound examination for the confirmation of abortion.

The infuriating effects observed with Abortion Pills that woman might get while using them include lethargy, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, stomach pain or cramp, and vaginal bleeding or spotting.

Few protective instructions to be followed with Abortion Pills are as if evade performing laborious tasks while carrying out abortion and avert the intake of grapefruits or its juices and alcoholic beverages.

These pills are not favorable for eradicating an ectopic pregnancy or a gestation of more than 7-9 weeks. Make sure that IUD must be ejected out prior placing these pills.

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