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altamofen 20mg tablets

Altamofen 20mg Tablets | Tamoxifen

Generic Tamoxifen

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Altamofen is a marvelous medicine taken by the female patients worldwide to cure themselves of the life-threatening issues of breast cancer, which is most prevailing disease nowadays. Breast cancer is a disease characterized by the excess multiplication of abnormal cells within a particular region called "breasts". Breast cancer spreads rapidly to other parts of the body as well to infect them and that too in an indefinite manner. The ratio of women suffering from breast cancer in the USA is quite high when compared to other life threatening issues in women.

Understand the mechanism by which the medicine exhibits its effect:

Altamofen is a well known and a most favourite brand of medicine to counter the cause, sign and symptoms of breast cancer in women. The medication contains Tamoxifen as the major active ingredient of the therapy. It exhibits the effect by countering the spread of cancer from breasts to other body parts by forming a couple with the estrogenic binding sites of the target infected tissues. Tamoxifen works by putting down the concentration of estrogen due to its selective estrogen receptor modulator action. The concentration of estrogen works as a limiting factor for the spread of breast cancer.  Hence, deficiency of Estrogen prevents the further spread of infection and averts its binding from its receptor. Thus, hinders the growth and further spread of cancer cells in the breast.

Know how and when to take Altamofen:

The 20 mg dosing of Altamofen can be prescribed to adults and elder patients either as a single dose or in divided doses in a similar manner prescribed by the physician. The maximum daily dose that can be intake by the patient in a day is 40mg. Swallow the medicine as a whole without crushing or breaking it orally by mouth with water either with the empty or full stomach. Women at the menace of breast cancer can initiate with 20mg daily dose for 5years.

What are the Side effects associated with Altamofen?

Anxiety, Blurred vision, Chest Pain, Swelling in legs, Vaginal bleeding are some side effects associated with continuous intake of medicine.

What are the Contraindications with the usage of Altamofen tablets?

  • The patients are advised to evade the usage of medication if they are allergic to its intake.
  • Do not give this medication to any pregnant and breastfeeding mother.
  • Do not give Altamofen to patients with a history of blood clot disorder.
  • Do not give this medication to a patient suffering from other life-threatening disease or having a weak immune system.

What are the precautions to be followed with intake of Altamofen?

  • The patient should avoid the consumption of alcohol while relying on Altamofen therapy to prevent any internal bleeding.
  • The patient should undergo mammography for detection of any further spread of infection.
  • The patient should avoid the consumption of nicotine and tobacco in simultaneous with medicine.
  • The patient should undergo regular examination of vital elements and blood cell details by hematology examination and detection of calcium levels in the blood.

What are the Interactions of other medications with Altamofen?

Tamoxifen shows interaction with the class of medications like Antidepressants, Antipsychotics.

Storage Condition:

Place this medication in a cool and dark place devoid of direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. Keep the medication out of the children reach.

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