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Testocyp - Testosterone Cypionate

Testocyp - Testosterone Cypionate

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Androgel is a topical preparation, which is used to gain muscle strength, mass, and endurance. It is also indicated to treat deficiency of natural progesterone hormone. Generic Testosterone is a main pharmaceutical ingredient found in Androgel and it works by replacing the Testosterone hormone, which is naturally prepared in the human body.

Testosterone hormone is important for the growth and development of secondary sexual characteristics in men like growth of facial hair, deepening of the voice and sexual desire or libido.

How to apply Androgel?

  • Before using this gel, properly wash your shoulder with sufficient amount of water.
  • Apply a pea size of this gel on the upper shoulder.
  • Gently massage the gel with soft hands.
  • Do not cover the gel with any bandage or cotton.
  • Do not apply an excess amount of this gel because the excess quantity of this gel may cause an overdose of Androgel and severe health complications.

Contraindications of Androgel-

Androgel is not prescribed in case of:

  • Hypersensitivity towards generic Testosterone
  • Renal or hepatic dysfunction
  • A history of blood clots
  • Sleep apnea problem
  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Urination problem
  • A history of cancer
  • Enlarged prostate

Drug interaction of Androgel-

  • Insulin or Anti-diabetic drugs
  • Blood thinners like Warfarin, Heparin, and Coumadin
  • Steroids like Methylprednisolone, Prednisone
  • Oral corticosteroid drugs like Dexamethasone

Side effects of Androgel-

Common adverse effects of Androgel include redness, itching, irritation, mood swings, headache, high blood pressure, pounding in your neck or ears.

Severe side effects of Androgel include increased urination, painful urination, breast pain, rapid weight gain, chest pain, wheezing, cough, loss of appetite and dark color of urine.

Important safety and precautions of Androgel-

  • Do not apply this gel on your private parts and scrotum.
  • Do not apply this gel near the open flame or heat as it inflammable in nature.
  • After application of this gel, don't go for swimming and bathing for 2 hours.
  • While using Androgel, you should check your blood tests on a daily basis.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 years should not apply Androgel.
  • Women should not apply this gel at any cost.

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