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aricept 5 mg 10 mg tablet

Aricept 5mg | 10mg Tablets | Donepezil

Generic Donepezil

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Aricept is well-liked medication available in the market for the cure of Alzheimer. Generic Donepezil is main dynamic component of the drug, which is used to cure confusion (dementia) associated to Alzheimer's disease. It does not treat Alzheimer's disease, but it may recover memory, awareness, and the capability to function.

Working mechanism of Aricept 5 mg-

Aricept 5 mg is the brand formulation of Donepezil, which comes under the Cholinesterase enzyme inhibitors that show its action by restoring the balance of natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain. It also prevents the breakdown of a chemical called acetylcholine. People with dementia usually have lower levels of this chemical, which is important for the processes of memory, thinking, and reasoning.

Dosage regimen of Aricept-

Aricept is commercially accessible in the dose strength of 5 mg in the market. It comes in the form of tablets and needs to take via the oral route of administration. For the management of Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s disease: the patient should have to ingest one dose of 5 mg, one time in a day usually at bedtime, before going to sleep. The maximum daily dose of Aricept should not be exceeded by 23 mg per day. Do not ingest a dose of 10 mg until you are on a daily dose of 5 mg for 4 weeks.

For the condition of Moderate to Severe Alzheimer’s disease: The patient should have to consume one dose of 5 mg, once in a day at evening. The dose of 10 mg should not be ingested until the patient is taking a daily dose of 5 mg for one month. The maximum daily dose should not be exceeded up to 23 mg per day until the patient is taking a daily dose of 10 mg for 1 month.

Conflicting factors of Aricept-

  • The patient should have to prohibit the ingestion of Aricept if they are oversensitive to Donepezil.
  • Use of Aricept is barred under the medical condition of the liver, kidney or heart rhythm disorder.
  • Do not ingest Aricept if you are suffering from a stomach ulcer, epilepsy or other seizure disorder; and have an enlarged prostate or urination problems.

Side effects of Aricept-

The person may experience some undesired side effects while consuming Aricept includes of severe or ongoing vomiting, pain during urination, muscle pain, loss of appetite, slow heartbeat and nausea, vomiting.

Drug interaction of Aricept-

Anticholinergic, Succinylcholine, and cholinergic agonists such as Bethanechol, Aspirin, Diclofenac are some drugs, which might hinder the Aricept activity.

Defensive measures of Aricept-

  • If you are a pregnant and breastfeeding woman, then consult with your doctor before taking medication.
  • Do not rely on alcohol consumption along with this medication.
  • Intake of Aricept may make you feel sleepy and dizzy. Be alert while driving or doing any machinery working which needs attention.
  • Consult with your doctor first if suffering from the issue of asthma.

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