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filagra jelly 100mg

Filagra Jelly 100mg

Generic Sildenafil Citrate

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Consuming 100mg Filagra jelly, 25 to 30 minutes in lieu of enjoying the sensual pleasure with your partner can boost excitement in your intimate life. The Filagra jelly is available in the form of a weekly pack and enhances the excitement of your personal relationship with its seven different fruity flavors. Take a different flavor for a different day to mark a new experience in your day. It facilitates the men to achieve an erection that is powerful and lengthier than usual. By taking Filagra oral jelly, a man can enhance his coital pleasure with improvised bed performance.

Comprehend the mechanism of action of Filagra jelly 100mg:

Filagra jelly 100mg is a branded formulation for the medication Sildenafil citrate, which belongs to the therapeutic category called PDE5 Isoenzyme Inhibitor. The oral jelly functions to strengthen the flow of blood in the male groin region and especially the penile organ. Thus, stimulates a man to achieve an improvised erection. The active ingredient functions to relax the smooth muscle fibers underlying the penile region and accelerates the flow of blood in the rich blood arteries called corpus cavernosum. Thus, facilitates the stronger erection.

How to intake Filagra jelly 100mg:

The male patients are advised to consume these delicious flavored jellies only at the time of need that is before 30 minutes of a planned sensuous act with an adequate amount of water either with the full or empty stomach. The medication once consumed shows its effect for at least 4 hours and the body does not require further repetition of the dosage else the patient have to suffer from long-lasting and painful erection known as Priapism.

Unpleasant effects of taking Filagra jelly 100mg:

The patient on Filagra jelly 100mg has to counter some side effects like dizziness, lethargy, mild to a moderate headache, nausea, hazy vision and some ringing sound in ears.

Precautionary measures to be followed while relying on Filagra jelly 100mg:

  • Do not administer Filagra jelly to men falling elsewhere from the range of 18 to 65 years otherwise have to struggle with severe side effects like tachycardia, breath shortness, rash and bursts of the skin of the intimate penile organ.
  • Do not devour Filagra jelly 100mg with food rich in calories like a cheeseburger, pizza, and other junk food as it might enhance the time of absorption of medication thus delays the effect of medicine.
  • Avoid consuming medicine with grapefruit juice, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages to prevent any delay in the effect of therapy.
  • The patient should consume this medicine only when the need subsist that is before getting cozy with a partner, its excessive intake may have an awful impact on the male private organ in the form of Priapism.

Contraindications with medication Filagra jelly 100mg:

  • The patient on the intake of medication reports some allergic reactions are recommended to omit the use of medication immediately.
  • Do not prescribe this medication to women, children or geriatrics above 65 years of age.
  • Patients on nitrates therapy should consult the physician prior consuming the ED medication.

Storage Conditions-

Store Fildena oral jelly 100mg under controlled room temperature away from direct heat, Sunlight and moisture in a cool and dark place.

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