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Generic Mifepristone

RU486 is a brand of the abortion pill, it is the first brand used as abortion pill and since its inception, it has brought about a paradigm shift in the conclusion of pregnancy. There are various reasons why a woman uses RU486 for the conclusion of her early pregnancy, this product, however, should only be used for a pregnancy which is up to or less than 7 weeks of age. RU486 is a tool-free method which only involves the ingestion of pills. It is much less costly than other methods and is very safe, infact it is considered the safest procedure in medicine when all the guidelines are followed. RU486 encloses Mifepristone as its generic which is an FDA approved the drug and is also included in the WHO list of essential medicines. This product offers a lesser painful method of abortion which women prefer all around the world prefer to choose. 

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What is the Modus Operandi of RU486?

Mifepristone belongs to the class of antiprogestin medications which exerts its effects by blocking the hormone called Progesterone which is essential for growth and development of the fetus. This hormone plays a decisive role in the continuation of pregnancy, as it is needed to supply oxygen and nutrients to the fetal cells, its blockade results in fetal cell death.

What is the correct dosing routine of RU486?

RU486 contains three pills of Mifepristone (200mg each) in its every pack. These pills have to be ingested orally, with ample amount of water on an empty stomach. You should get the abortion verified by getting an ultrasound done, two days after ingesting the RU486 pills. If the process is not complete and the pregnancy still remains, then you have to take two Misoprostol either by ingesting orally or by inserting vaginally. After another two days of wait, get the process verified to confirm abortion.

Contraindications of RU486:

RU486 pills should not be used without thorough conversation with the doctor if anyone is undergoing the following conditions as it may turn harmful.

  • Unusual and severe vaginal bleeding
  • A thyroid or an adrenal gland issue
  • Endometrial hyperplasia
  • Liver or kidney impairment
  • Adrenal failure, Porphyria or bleeding problems
  • Allergic to Mifepristone or Misoprostol
  • A pregnancy older than 7 weeks
  • Are using an IUD, take it off before using these pills
  • If your pregnancy is ectopic which means it lies outside the uterus
  • Have problems with your adrenal glands.
What are the side effects of RU486?

Even though this medication is very safe, still you might experience some of the adverse effects which are associated with it. A few prominent ones are a backache, headache, giddiness, stomach cramps, feeling of tiredness, stomach upset, loose stools, and vaginal discharge.

Important precautionary steps to be taken care of:

  • You are advised to take required rest and stay away from physically draining tasks as that can lead to aggravated discomfort.
  • Do not engage in sensual acts till you are completely recovered as that can lead to serious infections. 

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