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Buy Cytotec Online | Generic Misoprostol

Buy Cytotec Online | Generic Misoprostol

Misoprostol 100mcg (mye-soe-PROST-ole)

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Cytotecis a potent medication, which effectively perform abortion. It is used in the termination of pregnancy which is less than 7 weeks. This medication performs abortion in a private manner. It also used in the treatment of gastric ulcers, which are caused by NSAIDs. It also protects stomach from damage due to drugs like aspirin.

Cytoteccontains Misoprostol as its main vital ingredient. It is a synthetic derivative, which resembles natural prostaglandins. It belongs to the group of prostaglandin and its related compound. At the time of pregnancy it binds with the prostanoid receptors. As a result it enhances the frequency and amplitude of uterine contraction. It results in the more contraction of uterine muscles, which result in the elimination of the fetus from the uterus. In this way Cytotec is helpful for abortion.

CytotecisCONTRAINDICATEDin some females and cause severe harmful effects in their body. So they should not use this medication. They are-

  • A female, who is sensitive to Misoprostol or prostaglandin or any other ingredient of this drug, should not use this drug.
  • A female cannot use this medication, while she has IUD in place or she has ectopic pregnancy.
  • In case of breastfeeding, the female should not take this medication.
  • A female, who is suffering from some issues like uterine cancer and liver cancer, should avoid this medication.

You should keep this drug at properstorage conditions. You should keep it away from direct heat and moisture. You should keep this drug at room temperature away from children.


A female should confirm her pregnancy and stage of pregnancy via clinical investigation before taking this drug. Cytotec is marketed in the oral tablet dosage form. It can be used before or after the consumption of food. But studies show that, it provides best results while consumed without food or with an empty stomach. A female should take 12 tablets of Misoprostol, in which each tablet contain 200mcg of Misoprostol. These all tablets should be consumed in three doses. She should take 4 tablets after every four hours orally, of this drug. After two days, she should go for clinical examination for confirmation of termination of pregnancy.

The use of Cytotec may cause someSIDE EFFECTSin females. These side effects do not require any medical attention until side effects persists or sticks with the female. These include vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, back pain, stomach pain, headache and dizziness.


  • A female should go for clinical investigation after and before taking this drug.
  • This medication should be used with extreme care in case of migraine, liver, kidney and blood related issues.
  • A female should remove her IUD, if she has before using this drug.
  • A female should avoid cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption, while using this drug.

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