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silcream 1% (25gm)

Silcream 1% (25gm) | Silver Sulfadiazine

Silver Sulfadiazine

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Silcream is an awesome and renowned medication that has established its importance in the common world for countering the growth and spreading of bacterial infections either in second or in third-degree burns. Not only this, but also encounters the growth of bacteria in case of any skin infections caused due to the operation, injection, or injury. Silcream consists of Silver Sulfadiazine as the active ingredient of the medicament.

Understand the mechanism of action for Silcream:

The Silcream active constituent Silver Sulfadiazine functions by directly acting on the cell membrane and cell wall of the bacteria cell to dislodge its integrity. The medication also disrupts the integrity of cells by impairing the synthesis of DNA and RNA. Thus, it averts the threat of the bacteria spreading to nearby skin cells or blood stream where it can precipitate serious blood infection called sepsis.

Dosage regime for Silcream:

Silcream is widely available in 1% topical preparation and intended for external use only. Apply the medicated cream only to the affected or burned areas of the skin either once or twice a day as per the direction of Physician. Spread a thin layer of the cream, evenly on the skin always after wearing the sterile gloves to prevent further spreading of infections. There is no requisite of dressing over the affected area after applying this cream.

Some common adverse effects of using Silcream:

A patient can encounter some related side effects after the usage of Silcream such as mild burning, irritation, pain, or redness at the site of application, fever, chills, unusual tiredness and soreness in throat.

Contraindications of using Silcream:

Follow the points mentioned below to avoid any possible side effects:

  • Avoid the use of medication if you are allergic to silver sulfadiazine.
  • Do not use the medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Evade the use of cream for treating viral infection, because it is effective against bacterial infections only.

Precautions with usage of Silcream:

Follow the preventive measures given below to get the complete effect out of the therapy:

  • Do not let the medication go into eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Do not use the medicament in children below 2 months of age.
  • Always wear sterile gloves while applying the cream to avoid the spread of infections.
  • Avoid the long-term or repeated use of Silcream, as it may cause a second infection.

What are the possible drug interactions of Silcream?

Some medicines said to alter the efficacy of Silcream for example Methenamine, Phenytoin, Vitamin K antagonist drugs, Tolbutamide, and certain other topical preparation containing proteases like Trypsin and Clostridiopeptidase.

What are the storage conditions for Silcream?

Always store the cream under controlled room temperature condition. Never keep this cream in direct sunlight, moisture or heat. Keep it away from the children's reach.

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