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zocon eye drops

Zocon Eye Drops | Fluconazole

Generic Fluconazole

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The eye drop Fluconazole belongs to the therapeutic class called Antifungals. The medication combats the infection of eyes caused by various different types of fungi. Fluconazole combats the fungal growth by preventing the further reproduction of infected cells at the ocular site. The medication is not effective for treating the symptoms or infection caused by bacteria and virus. The medication assuages the symptoms of infection by preventing the spread of infection and brings down the weird sensations like irritation or pain.

Mode of action of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

Fluconazole is a broad-spectrum antifungal medicine belonging to the therapeutic category of Triazoles antifungals. The medicine serves as a potent inhibitor of fungal enzymes that exhibits its effect by interfering with the cell wall of fungi and combats the further production and reproduction of fungi.

Ergosterol is the vital element present in the cell wall of fungi. Thus, the medication Fluconazole functions by weakening and enhancing the rupturing of fungi cell wall, which in turn causes the cell stuffing to escapes out from the microorganism and put it forth to death.

Dosing schedule of Fluconazole Eye Drop:

The patients are advised to clean their hands and face with mild soap to prevent the transfer of microbial flora from hands to the eyes. Instill one to two drops of medicine to your infected eyes per day by slightly tilting back your head. Now, pull the lower eyelid to slight downwards and add the medication. Keep your eyes closed for minimum 30 seconds of duration and simultaneously apply the gentle pressure on the inner edge of the eyes to prevent the further drainage of medication. Continue the therapy for the exact duration as prescribed by the physician to prevent the relapse of the infection. The addition of multiple doses into eyes might not help an individual to recover from the infection earlier. So, do not overdose the medication.

Precautions to be followed while relying on Fluconazole Eye therapy:

  • Evade the use of other herbal and prescription medicines in simultaneous to Fluconazole Eye Drop therapy prior the consultation of a physician.
  • Prevent the addition of medicated eye drops into the eyes while wearing a contact lens in eyes else may damage the contact lens.

Prohibit the use Fluconazole Eye Drop under certain medical conditions:

  • Do not instill Fluconazole drops if you are allergic to its any of the constituents.
  • Do not instill the medication to the eyes of pregnant or breastfeeding mothers without the prior consultation of a physician.
  • Do not put the medication in the eyes of patients who are suffering from other severe troubles of eyes prior the advice of a physician.

Interaction of other medications with Fluconazole Eye Drop:

Fluconazole Eye Drop shows drug interaction when used along with medications include Rifampicin, phenytoin, Glipizide, Cyclosporine, Rifabutin and Zidovudine.


Keep the medication in a controlled room temperature away from the contact of direct heat and moisture in cool and dark place. Keep the medication out of the reach of children.

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