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Testocyp Testosterone Cypionate

Testocyp 250mg | Generic Testosterone Cypionate

Testocyp - Testosterone Cypionate 250mg

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Testocyp is an effective form of testosterone cypionate served in 250mg that provides you good gain of muscle and strength. The drug is served in form of injectable form which is served twice in week, in alternate days in a week like first dose on Monday and next on Friday and thus maintains the steady hormone level in blood. The cypionate salt is most stable form of testosterone. The drug is anabolic drug serve in light resistant vials and ampoules.

The drug is used as HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) for the various indications-

  • If any male is lacking growth due to hormone deficiency and not able to produce natural testosterone.
  • Vanishing testicals syndrome.
  • If one is lacking complete development of genitals, muscles and bones, the drug will induce puberty in male.
  • Treat the condition of  gynecomastia
  • The drug is used by athletic people to endure strength and stamina.
  • If one is changing sex from female to male to retain the characters one may use the injection of Testocyp. 
  • The drug helps in treatment of breast cancer.

How the drug helps:

The drug is nothing but a synthetic derivative which has anabolic activity; it will block the catabolic glucocorticoid hormone, this will induce vitality and strength and hence gets a characteristically libido into the stratosphere.

The use of Testocyp is contraindicated in certain conditions:

If one is hypersensitive to the active drug, individual with carcinoma of breast or prostate gland, women bearing fetus should not take the medication. Patient with cardiovascular disorder, hepatic or renal disorder one should not take the medicament.

Drug interaction where the activity is diminished due to the concomitant use of the following drugs: Propranolol should not be taken along Testosterone cypionate, Carbamazepine, corticosteroids like prednisone or Macrolide immunosuppressant avoided while taking Testosterone cypionate as it enhances the chances of their side effects.

Dosage and mode of administration:

One may take testosterones cypionate around 200-600mg in a week generally.
Athlete's dosage for male is 400-1200mg per week, 10-20 weeks, for females 50-100mg per week. The drug is served in parental dose where you have to inject the preparation in the muscle by preparing a depot.

Storage condition of Testosterone cypionate

Keep the medicine at room temperature in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct heat, light and moisture.

Unwanted adverse effects of Testosterone cypionate are acne, bitter or strange taste in mouth, change in sex drive, fatigue, gum or mouth irritation, gum pain, gum tenderness, hair loss, headache, allergic reactions like rash, hives, itching, and difficulty in breathing, swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, dark urine, mood changes and dizziness.

Important safety tips to be followed while using Testosterone cypionate are:

The drug will increase the blood sugar level, so diabetic person should keep checking the blood sugar levels. Testosterone cypionate should serve with extra caution to the elderly patients. The drug should be served with care while administering to younger one ageing below 18 years of age.

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