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TestoRapid 100mg injection

TestoRapid 100mg Injection | Testosterone Propionate

Generic Testosterone Propionate

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Testorapid generic Testosterone propionate is an effective hormone for treating low testosterone. It is a short ester form of testosterone that activates inside body. It helps in building muscle mass. It averts breast cancer-causing effects of estrogen. This steroid hormone comes under the class of anabolic steroids and is most useful for muscle building in both men and women but it is more needed in males than females.

Course of action of Testorapid-

Testorapid shows its action in two ways, first by activating androgen receptor and second by activating estrogen receptor. Free Testosterone enters into the cytoplasm where it couples to androgen receptors and are reduced to 5α-dihydrotestosterone with the help of enzyme 5α-reductase. Dihydrotestosterone couples to androgen receptor more strongly than testosterone and its androgenic property is more than testosterone.  

Several uses of Testorapid-

Testorapid is available in the form of injection. Testorapid assists in the buildup of muscle mass. It improves the process of erythropoiesis, treats infertility, regulates the positive nitrogen balance, prevents hypogonadism, delays the puberty and gynaecomastia in men, and treats the cancer of the breast or other postpartum pain of breast in the female patients.

Dosage regimen of Testorapid-

For low testosterone treatment, dose is generally between 25 to 50 mg per injection and is normally injected two-three times per week. For enhancing performance in athletes, inject 25 to 50 mg every other day. For good anabolic effect, dose ranges as 100 mg every other day.

Some don'ts to follow with Testorapid-

  • Do not inject Testosterone propionate in the case of severe hepatic or renal impairment, male breast cancer, prostate cancer, migraine, epilepsy, and in cardiovascular disorder.
  • Never use this medicine if you are allergic to this drug.
  • Testorapid should not be used in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Do not inject in children who are less than 12 years of age.

Some precautions to follow with Testorapid:

  • Patients should undergo a periodic blood profile check up mainly of hemoglobin and lipids before using Testorapid.
  • Use with extreme care in elder patients.
  • Do not reuse the syringes and discard the used needles.
  • Be careful while using in diabetic patients and prepubertal boys.
  • Geriatric patients should use it only on doctor advice.
  • Never inject if the drug has expired.
  • Self-inject only when you know the exact procedure.

Storage condition of Testorapid-

Store in such a place that is away from direct heat, moisture, or sunlight, under controlled room temperature. Keep the medicine away from small children.

Some ill effects of Testorapid-

Some side effects of Testosterone propionate are gynaecomastia in males, retention of fluids, pimples, facial hair growth, mild to a moderate headache, menstrual irregularities, loss of appetite, suppression of lactation in females, hirsutism, male pattern baldness, urticaria, pain at the site of injection, depression or tenderness.

Possible drug interactions with Testorapid:

Some drugs that alter the action of Testorapid are Cyclosporine, Corticosteroid, Insulin, oral hypoglycemic agents, Thyroxine, and Anticoagulants.

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